Frequently Asked

Does Vertical handle draw disbursement money?

No, Vertical does not handle money for construction projects. We provide a collaborative, cloud-based platform for project members to view, analyze, and audit documentation. This enables developers, lenders, and title companies to disburse draw funds more quickly.


Do I need to provide waivers, sworn statements, or any other documents in order for this to work?

No. All jurisdictionally-correct waiver and sworn statement are part of the Vertical platform. Once basic draw information is entered, Vertical will generate your sworn statement and waivers (if applicable) for that draw.


Is there an iOS or Android app for Vertical?

Vertical is developing both iOS and Android apps to better serve our clients. At this time the platform is responsive and works as a web-enabled interface on smart phones and tablet devices.


Is Vertical an escrow company?

No, Vertical does not process draw funds. Vertical ensures that the correct documentation is generated with the appropriately summed figures.


What states are compatible with Vertical?

All 50 of them


How do I get started?

Click through to our demo request form and we can have you processing draw documentation in no time!