Imagine all project financials living in harmony, in one place.

We imagined it too. Then we built it.

Centralized Workflow

Move on from the fragmented and inconvenient workflow associated with construction finance. Vertical brings everything you need to an easily accessible and intuitive online platform.

Financial Status Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of important financial metrics across all your projects. Sort and filter by the ones that have the most urgent needs so you can address issues immediately.

Streamlined Draws

Even though the draw process happens routinely, it can still prove laborious. Until now. Vertical provides a vastly improved experience for assembling the draw package monthly.

Project Reporting

Take inventory of your entire ecosystem of projects easily and in real-time. Run reports based on region, financials, completion status, or parties involved in the job.

An elegant interface for a rugged world

Vertical was built to be an intuitive and enjoyable user experience. Construction finance can be messy, so it was important for us to make the platform clean. Users will be delighted at the simplicity and elegance.

Security you can count on

Moving from manual processes to a cloud provider requires faith in security practices as data ownership changes. Vertical provides a foundation for that leap by employing proven, security-minded engineers and providing best-in-class security. Using state-of-the-art cryptography, continuous vulnerability assessment, and adaptive authorization, Vertical keeps data secret and safe.