Streamlined draws.
Faster payments.

Take control of your draw process each month with powerful budgeting, compliance, and payment tools. Vertical allows all project participants to contribute in a centralized platform that makes managing construction escrow funds intuitive and transparent.

Stop losing money due to slow payments.

Cash is the life blood of every builder’s business. Vertical understands this and provides tools to cut down the time to payment.

Amazing draws

Build your monthly statement(s) with elegance and ease. Our intuitive platform makes it a quicker and more pleasant than you could imagine.

Waiver collection

Lien waivers and invoices can be collected and attached directly to the draw. No more managing multiple emails and scattered files.

Issue resolution

Collaborate on individual line items within the draw to resolve problems. Communicate directly and transparently with the right person.

Faster disbursements

Subcontractors typically have to wait up to 90 days for payment. Vertical makes it possible to pay in 15 days, meaning happier, more loyal subs.

Electronic signature

Eliminate the hassle of collecting, scanning, and storing signed documents. Subcontractors can sign off right from their phone.

Precise payments

Ensure that each check is being cut for the proper amount every time. Consistency of compensation makes for great relationships with vendors.

Built for every audience

Every party to the project, from lender to owner to developer to general contractor to subcontractor — all have an experience crafted for them to increase their efficiency on the job.

When everyone can contribute to the same project, on a central platform, at their convenience… building is just better.

Tremendous impact on efficiency

Reduced admin time

When all aspects of the financial workflow are centralized in an easy to use tool, the time savings are noticed immediately.

Decreased Errors

When the whole draw process is centralized along with communication between collaborators, there are fewer mistakes due to overlooked notes or details.

Accessible from anywhere

Vertical is web based, secure and incredibly easy to use from any browser. Contributors can work on a project wherever and whenever they need to.

Know where to focus

As the financial status of each project evolves, areas of concern are brought to the surface right away. Never be in the dark on a problem project again.

Ready to see it in action?

We would love the opportunity to walk you through a demo of Vertical so you can see the potential for yourself. 

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