Lien waiver automation + construction draw software

Leading general contractors, subcontractors, and title companies use Vertical to:

Generate signature-ready lien waivers
Centralize the entire construction draw package
Accelerate lien waiver approvals and payments

Can you keep up managing construction draws the old way?

There is certainly a temptation to stick with traditional methods. But spreadsheets, paper documents, and email threads don’t provide the speed and collaboration required to be a leader in construction today.

We’ll help you navigate the evolution of the pay app process

Vertical was built on a solid understanding of construction disbursement and the belief that it can be dramatically improved. Here’s how you can see for yourself:

  1. Fill out the quick form.
  2. Walk through a demo with one of our co-founders.
  3. Process a draw for free and decide for yourself.

All participants enjoy collaborating with Vertical

Owners & Developers

Stakeholders ensure their funds are tracked and maximized throughout the life of the project. Draws are packaged in a format your lender and title company will love.

General Contractors

Build continuation sheets, allowing subcontractors to be assigned contracts. When ready, all waivers can be sent with a single click for easy tracking.

Subs & Suppliers

Getting paid quickly is essential for all subs and suppliers. Vertical provides a workflow that speeds up the invoice and waiver process allowing funds to be exchanged sooner.

Lender & Title

Lenders and title companies use Vertical to reduce liability and increase visibility within their portfolio. Attention is focused on key areas so action can be taken right away.

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As of today…

Over $15 Billion in project contracts have been managed with Vertical

Centralized workflows you won’t find in Excel.

Or on paper.

Or in emails.

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Collaborative Budgeting

Start with your schedule of values and easily split amounts across vendors who can also use Vertical.

Electronic Signature

Subcontractors can sign off on waivers right from their phone eliminating all the hassles of follow up.

Document Collection

Lien waivers, invoices, W9s, COIs and more can be collected and attached directly to the draw.

Streamlined Draws

Build your monthly statement(s) with elegance and ease before exporting the whole package at month’s end.

Faster Payments

Vertical makes it possible to pay in as little as 15 days, meaning happier, more loyal subs.

Issue Resolution

Communicate on items within the draw to resolve problems directly and transparently.

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