An experience designed for all members of the project.

Gather ’round. Everybody is invited to this party!

Title Company Officers and Managers

Gain a sales advantage and reduce busywork. Rise above your competitors by offering a digital collaboration platform to create, review, and approve sworn statements. Remove inefficiencies and free up your team to concentrate on your customers rather than paper forms and manual math.


Provide oversight and remove liability. Get the right information at your fingertips, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions. Keep your active projects in check, look for trends across your portfolio, and review past projects for insight.

Owners / Developers

Review and report. Easily analyze everything from budgetary items to actual invoices for entire projects, draw after draw. Never again question if a subcontractor or vendor has been paid.

General Contractors

Streamline project processes. Easily see your continuation sheets through to sworn statements and signature-ready waivers with confidence. Remove uncertainty around sworn statement versions and get waivers signed easily with e-signatures and email notifications.

Subcontractors and vendors

Get paid quickly. Review and sign correct waivers with the right information wherever you are. Reduce your time to payment and never worry about filling out the wrong waiver.

In the office

Vertical serves as home base for escrow officers, lenders, contractors, and developers who now have a central tool for automating draw documentation, tracking projects, distributing lien waivers, and retaining documents.

In the field

Subcontractors now have access to quick and easy e-signature capabilities for their lien waivers. Whether on their computer at home or with phone in hand on the job site, Vertical makes it easy to get the right documents in so subs can get paid.