Built for all project participants

When all parties have access to the project, it removes risk and increases efficiency. There’s no question about figures, versions of documents, or draw status.

General Contractors

Take the guesswork out of your current process that relies on spreadsheets, emails and paper documents. Vertical provides the tools needed to get your operation streamlined and web-based.

  • Schedule of Values and Continuation Sheets
  • Waiver generation and collection
  • GC Sworn Statement creation
  • Procore integration

Owners & Developers

Ensure that your project stays on budget and on track by centralizing the financial workflow. Vertical brings transparency and efficiency to how your builder and contractors on the job submit their payment information and documentation.

If you build the same type of project over and over, simply import your previous job’s scheduled values and get to the first draw quicker.

  • Schedule of Values and Continuation Sheets
  • Waiver generation and collection
  • Owner’s Sworn Statement creation

Lenders & Title Companies

Mitigate risk and improve accountability throughout your book of business.

Action Prioritization

Your escrow officers will have their tasks surfaced in a dashboard that allows them to quickly assess and take action. A history of user action is captured in our audit log so there is never any question of where your projects stand.


Whether by region, group or individual officer, Vertical provides a rich overview of your project portfolio. Gain a whole new level of insight into your book of business and use it to address weaknesses and reinforce strengths.

Elevated Efficiency

In a traditionally slow moving and change-averse industry, take advantage of moving into technology-driven systems early. Your staff will move with more swiftness while your executive team is freed to focus on growth strategies.

Subcontractors & Suppliers

Get paid faster by reviewing and signing the correct waiver with the right information from your laptop or phone. Allocate contract dollars across your second tier subs and suppliers in order to get their pre-filled waivers sent electronically.
[Coming early 2020]

  • Invoice creation and upload
  • Waiver generation and collection
  • eSignature