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Zach Roth

Director of Engineering

Zach excels in solving the challenges that arise at the intersection of people and technology, whether that’s Vertical’s users and their interactions using our products, or our team and their experiences building our software. He is committed to building an inclusive, engaging, and pun-filled team environment.

Before joining Vertical, Zach held a variety of roles at Rally Health: from full-stack engineering to management to operations engineering. During that time, he led development for Rally Choice, a 25-engineer team, guiding the team to deliver a product that helps consumers navigate the complex space that is benefits enrollment. He also designed and built solutions running the gamut from dynamically-generated user flows within a single-page application to the management of immutable and ephemeral cloud infrastructure in support of a 300-employee engineering division. Prior to that, he worked in custom software consulting with clients in industries ranging from law to media.

Zach holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University.

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